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Pool - Entrepreneur

Find entrepreneurs near you from any field of activity

I want to Become an entrepreneur!

Only you will make decisions to get started and think carefully (passion|a niche)

I am already an entrepreneur!

Let's work together to have an exchange of mission of your and our differences (know-how|knowing how to be)

status choices

What status to choose to act, to have an oportunity, to simplify the creation of a company totally independent of your qualities, your skills, your whatever flaws that you feel and that you are a woman or a man.

Self Entrepreneur

You want to get started this type of status is really free at 0 €, accounting management, administrative and it 's very simple.


To create a small business or a startup it is a bit too expensive, the entrepreneur to create employment of salary soup


entrepreneur become an entrepreneur micro entrepreneur service near you

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Informatic fields

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Physical and material fields

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Various fields

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The results

We share the results in public with all transparency every years.


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